Maachli .

Our main concept behind the venture is to tune man’s cord with the nature.Following are the key characteristics of Maachli.

Informal Hospitality
Maachli delivers the experience of Home stay which is a great platform to explore a regional culture and connect with the people of the village..A Village is not movement here it is way of life.

Slow Holidays
Maachli lays an ideal environs for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is an opportunity for the people who want to leave behind all the luxuries and mechanical living and connect with the region and enjoy your slow holidays..Maachli offers you a slow and idyllic life..

Hidden Getaway
Maachli is hidden getaway and located in the very remote part of the village and also not to be found on any boards by the roadside. We ourselves get in touch with our guests for the direction which all the more enhances the guests and host relation.

Micro Climate
Maachli delivers the experience of staying in dense plantation.The Weather is always pleasant as the cottage is surrounded by the Coconut and Beetle nut Trees. Thick plantation and water stream which flows through the farm leads to the micro climate which is distinctly different from climate outside the farm.