1.What are the facilities/Amenities at Maachli?

We are conceptual, theme based, experiential stay and not the service,facilities or amenities oriented one.Maachli is the niche concept meant for small,distinguished and classy section of tourist popultion.

2. What are the activities for the kids?Is the place infant friendly?

We have no activities for the kids.The Maachli farmstay is not ideal for small kids or infants however for the safety of the child parents are requested to accompany them all the time.The Parents must make sure that the plants are unharmed by the kids.

3.What kind of people the place is most suitable for?

We are most suitable for the couples and solo travellers. The farmstay is not meant  for unhealthy or ill people. Specialized medical aid is only available in Kudal(20km).

4. Do you have a la carte restaurant?

We do not have a la carte restaurant . We serve ethnic, authentic ,regional, traditional Malvani Saraswat cuisine cooked on wood fire. The Menu is fixed and we do not serve any other style of cuisine.

5. Is the area safe(snakes, insects etc)?

We are situated in very dense plantation, very close to the Jungle thus live in abundant, rich and healthy eco system. If lucky enough, one can encounter reptiles or other wild creatures. Your preparedness for such encounters will certainly ensure your safety. Please carry the torches.

6. Are there places around for breakfast, meals or snacks?

We are situated in remote area so there are almost no such options nearby..You have food options either in Malvan(24km) or Vengurle(25km)  or the small inn situated around 5 km.