Responsible Tourism.


Measures for responsible tourism

1. The Parking place is at the considerable distance from the property which minimizes sound and air pollution.

2. No tree is cut while selecting place to build Cottage. Certain plants which grow into thick forest are planted to contribute green layer of the earth.

3. The Spring water originated from hills which gathers in the well built up in the property, is used to cook food and for drinking. The spring water is considered healthy source of water.

4. The Local material is used to build cottages.

5. Villagers from surrounding area of the property come to serve guests, by taking out some time from there day to day bread earning activities. Maachli helps them add income. Vegetables used for cooking are grown in the fields of village which contributes to village economy.

6.  Mud stove is used to cook food.

7. Water stream which flows through the farm is kept clean and conserved every year which increases water level of wells of surrounding area, directly benefitting villagers. The rain harvesting is done to boost water level of the earth.

8. Use of plastic is minimal.

9. Construction and use of cement is minimum.

10. CFL lights are used to save electricity.

Impact of the Initiative

Maachli is an Inspiration for many young entrepreneurs in the region. Maachli on its own has found the place of recognition.
Maachli  has its role in Women empowerment in the village. The local women have got the opportunities for their skills.  The 90% of the total staff is the women.
We organize a Tribal Art Exhibitionfor the guests. This has helped the Tribe to showcase their talents and earn rewards.
We also organize the Pottery classes at potter’s village. We aim to encourage and revive this old art and empower the community. With the modernization and introduction of modern utensils, earthen pots have few takers . The Pottery community now in the village has only one active potter left. The same potter has started getting sufficient earning through pottery classes.
Water Conservation….Maachli has set an example by experimenting a small temporary dam on the stream which helps in the increase of water retention level of the soil .It has boosted the water level of the wells nearby. The water body also enhances ecological treasure as it attracts different species of birds, river outers and fishes.These water conservation efforts have helped the plantations for all seasons  as the nearby plantations within area of 1 kilometer upstream also are very much benefitted.

Maachli has made a difference in the micro economy of the village. There is a remarkable growth in the daily requirement of grocery, vegetables, fruits and fish and there is a healthy competition among the local suppliers to supply the best.
A Bridge across……
Maachli has built a bridge made up of beetle plant trunks over the rivulet. This has bridged a gap in the village and brought people closer.
 The Maachli is proving to be Inspiration source for the upcoming tourism enthusiasts as many people visit to understand the theme and venture. Many architect and other students have made a visit to Maachli and we feel happy, privileged and honored to share the experience and knowledge.