Responsible Tourism.

1. The Parking place is at the considerable distance from the property which minimizes sound and air pollution.

2. No tree is cut while selecting place to build Cottage. Certain plants which grow into thick forest are planted to contribute green layer of the earth.

3. The Spring water originated from hills which gathers in the well built up in the property, is used to cook food and for drinking. The spring water is considered healthy source of water.

4. The Local material is used to build cottages.

5. Villagers from surrounding area of the property come to serve guests, by taking out some time from there day to day bread earning activities. Maachli helps them add income. Vegetables used for cooking are grown in the fields of village which contributes to village economy.

6. Biogas plant is implemented and Mud stove is used to cook food.

7. Water stream which flows through the farm is kept clean and conserved every year which increases water level of wells of surrounding area, directly benefitting villagers. The rain harvesting is done to boost water level of the earth.

8. Use of plastic is minimal.

9. Construction and use of cement is minimum.

10. CFL lights are used to save electricity.