Vernacular Architecture

We have adopted the Vernacular Architectural style that is designed based on local needs, availability of construction materials, and reflecting local traditions. Maachli also has an innovative feature of Cross Ventilation. The cottage also has a stainless steel net set up on all 4 sides (front, behind, and both sides) The air in the bottom goes up as the structure is very tall and the same is replaced by the fresh air from both sides. This process creates a pleasant channel of the air within the cottage. Maachli enjoys a fresh and cool ambience because of the dense plantation and a water stream within the farm.

Minimalist Architecture

The cottages are based on minimalism.We have not cut even a single tree while making the cottages.The cottage is ideally meant for 2 people,equipped with minimum required furniture and walls yet absolutely spacious,airy and supreme in comfort.

Tropical Modernism

The whole idea is dedicated to the tropical modernism. The concept of Tropical Modernism is known for its spaciousness, increased ventilation, a focus on local resources, and building materials with cooling factors.

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