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About Maachli

Our Eco Friendly farmstay/homestay offers the luxury of staying close to nature,in a lovely tropical forest,away from all the hustle bustle of the city life. The name of our homestay is derived from the word ‘Maachli’, a term for the huts made by a farmer to protect the farm. Maachli gives you the opportunity to unwind in the lap of nature! Engage in the melodious chirping of the birds, far more soothing than the blaring horns on the streets or immerse in the line of the various plant and flower varieties much soothing than the long traffic lines! Come, grab your favourite book or perform Yoga, meditation or any other specific art/technique that you have learnt, interact with the hosts or spend some quality time with your loved ones and discover your own self!

Why Maachli?

With nature, one gets more than he expects! Maachli gives you the chance to spend time with nature. Also, these features are also a cherry on the cake!

Informal hospitality

Maachli delivers the experience of a nature homestay that serves a great platform to explore a regional culture and connect with the people of the village. A village is not a movement here, it is a way of life.

A laid back holiday

Maachli is an opportunity for people who want to leave behind all the luxuries and mechanical living to connect with nature and enjoy the laid back holidays. Maachli offers you a laid back and idyllic life!

Hidden getaway

Maachli is a hidden getaway located in a very remote part of the village and also not to be found on any boards by the roadside. We, the owners, get in touch with our guests for the directions that all the more enhances the guests and the host relation!


Maachli delivers the experience of staying in the dense plantations. The weather is always pleasant as the cottage is surrounded by coconut and betel nut trees. Thick plantations and the stream that flows through the farm leads to the creation of microclimate which is distinctly different from the climate outside the farm.

Things to do

Though Maachli is not a destination stuffed with too many activities, there are certain things that you can enjoy! Have a look.

Take a guided walk through the dense tropical plantations of coconut, betel nut, spices, banana, and mango. You will also get a chance to explore the beneficial medicinal plants.

A visit to the grassland gives you an opportunity to explore the stunning ambiance of the plateau, plantations, fields, hills and small jungles. There is also a small temple surrounded by lush greenery of sacred groves to freshen your mind.

Visit the pottery village and try your hand at pottery under the guidance of an expert potter of the village. You can also buy different pots prepared by the potter.

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