Maachli: An Ideal Monsoon Getaway


Maachli is an ideal tourist destination in Monsoon for the people who love greenery. The very concept of “Maachli “originated from Monsoon itself as the farmers set up small huts (Which is called Maachli) to take care of their respective fields. A lot of Maachli’s appear in the fields while taking a stroll on the grassland. 

After the scorching hot summer, the incessant shrill of hornbills, impatient yet very persistent call of frogs and vague speculation of the mankind, the rains arrive. The farmers happily, march out in the pelting rain and reach out to their beloved fields. Few villagers, especially teenagers and kids set out towards the stream to grab some fresh crabs. The curry made from sweet water crabs tastes delicious. All the farmers from the village celebrate ‘Mirag’ a monsoon welcoming festival (described it in the previous blog) in the wake of rain. 

The biggest attraction for tourists in the monsoon at Maachli Farmstay is the stream that flows through the farm. I still remember how cheerful it was running behind a flowing coconut in the stream or just taking a dip or cozily enjoying a fish pedicure! This is the place where we took swimming lessons in childhood. A stream can be an added attraction for the enthusiastic bird watchers to search for rarest oriental dwarf Kingfisher bird (often called ODKF) that secretly inhabits sideways. This particular bird visits only in the monsoons and it is very difficult to find its traces otherwise. 

The monsoon at Maachli is known for its various wild vegetables that grow only in the rainy season. There are a few leafy vegetables that grow everywhere right from the forest to the sides of the tar road. However, there are other types that grow deep in the jungle and to get them, one has to venture into the dense forest. Sometimes sunlight streaming through the rain creates favorable conditions for wild mushroom growth. These wild mushrooms are the main attraction for all the villagers as you get it for a very short period, ranging from 5 to 10 days. It creates a magnificent variety in cooking as it can be made in different varieties such as fried, spicy curry, dry non-spicy preparation, golden coconut curry or simply add it in rice for an unforgettable lip-smacking experience. Monsoon at Maachli Farmstay can also be a treat for fish lovers. Due to rain, fishing in the deep sea is closed. However, there are a few amateur fishermen in the village who start fishing in the shallow water and backwaters and this fresh catch is a treat for hardcore fish enthusiasts! The monsoon culturally also means a lot for the villagers as major festivals in the Konkan region like Ganesh Chaturthi, Nag Panchami, and Krishna Janmashtami among others is celebrated during the same period. It is also a great opportunity for tourists at Maachli Farmstay to experience the festive spirit of the village. There are several workshops teaching the skills for creating a Ganesh, Krishna or Naga idol that can be visited. Our Farmstay has always been graced with a lot of niche travelers who are eager to explore the unexplored and the monsoon at Maachli Farmstay springs incredible surprises to satiate their wish.

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